Mammoth, Elite S.A 360S

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Mammoth Elite S.A 360S is a grow tent of highest quality that is easy to install!

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The Mammoth Elite S.A series is the most exclusive line of the brand. The Elite S.A has a series of features that make it truly superior, large doors for easy access and multiple inputs and outputs to make the installation of both light and extraction more simple. the Elite S.A model has the best light-proof design. Made of 600D Mylar fabric, very durable, 100% light, and airtight, and the structure has been reinforced with 25mm posts and with the highest quality corners and connectors. It is made up of a modular, independent, and mobile system, the floor is impermeable and allows flooding total for use in hydroponic and flood systems. Individual areas of large-scale growing tents can be used for various applications. The upper frame with reinforcements offers the possibility of mounting accessories using straps and can be loaded up to 75 kg.


Size 240 x 360 x 225 cm.
Volume m3: 19.44.
Fabric material: 600D Mylar.
Front doors: 1.
Rear doors: 1.
Side doors: 0.
Windows: 0.
Tray: Integrated.
Current input: 8 x 350 mm.
Ticket for Cooltube: 0.
Structure material: Steel.
Corner material: PP copolymer.
Structure diameter: 25.4 mm.
Hangers: 12.
Hooks: 10
Straps: 0.
Strings: 8

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