Lumatek 250W Standard KIT

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This kit includes a standard reflector and is perfect for an area of 60 x 60cm.

The bulb in the kit will work with all kinds of ballasts but it is optimized for use with the “superlumen” 10% boost.

The ballast included is an electronic one with four settings, 150/175/250/275W.
This means that you could use 150 or 175w during the vegetative phase and then put it on 250w during bloom phase.To maximize your crop you can even boost it to 275w.

Startup Kit containing:
1x reflector 47 x 47 cm ink. E40 socket
1x Lumatek HPS 250 W
1x Lumatek 250W electronic ballast with four modes, with ready-mounted cables.

Everything you need for a complete lamp!

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