HOMEbox Ambient R120 – 120x90x180cm

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With this tent you get as much as possible from your 600 watt lamp.

This tent design gives you just over a square meter of cultivation area, and is rectangular. The reason that it is rectangular is to utilize all light from rectangular reflectors.

The tent is perfectly adapted for air-cooled reflectors thanks to the two parallel inlet / exhaust on each side of the tent.

The inside of the tent is in PAR + material, which allows all light to be maximized so that you get the most out of your cultivation.

OmniFlow Directional Air Valves
The unique round OmniFlow valves give you as growers more control over the climate in your tent. With these valves you can actively target the air entering the tent for maximum growth.

Unbeatable insect protection
All HOMEbox Ambient cultivation tents have a 700 micron mesh over all ventilation openings. These can be placed on both the inside and outside of the tent

Total-Blackout Zippers
Make your cultivation space completely lightweight without extra overlaps or velcro straps. The Total-Blackout zippers are also enhanced and developed to be opened / closed with only one hand so you can get in and out of your tent as easily as possible.

Mounted Size: 120 x 90 x 180cm
Growth turbulence: 1.08 m2

* German design and technology
* Robust / durable “plant-safe” material provides long life on the tent.
* All parts are interchangeable
* Water resistant floor that can be removed for cleaning
* In / out suction:
 100mm: 1x Rear, 1x left, 1x right
 160mm: 2x Left, 1x right
 200mm: 1x Thank you
* 2x 200mm OmniFlow ventilation on both sides of the tent
* 700 micron MicroMesh, insect network
* Durable durable cloth
* Made in PAR + material, faster growth and greater harvest.
* Metal frame 22mm with powerful plastic corners for maximum stability.
* When the tent closes it becomes completely sealed and lightweight
* “Total-Blackout” zippers, no more Velcro strap!

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