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This is a high quality grow tent with the PAR+ material on the inside from Home Box for amazing reflection for your plants!

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Home Box Ambient are high quality and smart designed grow tents. They have several inlets and outlets so that you can install the climate easily inside the tent. The inside is made of high reflection PAR+ material so no light will go to waste. The Ambient tents also have a 700 micron mesh over all ventilation openings for protection against insects, these can be placed on both the inside and outside of the tent. They also have big doors and a design that makes it easy to access your plants, and when you close the tent it is completely light proof.

* Dimensions: 200x200x220cm
* Volume: 8,8m3
* Growing space: 4 m2
* Inlet/outlets: 8x100mm 4x250mm, 2x300mm, 4x350mm
* Passive Inlet Omni-Flow: 6x250mm
* German design and technology
* Robust/durable materials that provide long life
* Water resistant floor that can be removed for cleaning
* 700 micron MicroMesh insect net
* Durable tent cloth
* Inside made in PAR+ material
* Metal frame with 22mm poles with powerful plastic corners for maximum stability
* When the tent closes it becomes completely sealed and lightproof
* Maximum Capacity: 150 kg

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