Grodan Rockwool plug tray 44mm x 77pcs

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Grodan rockwool cube, perfect for your cuttings/clones.

Rockwool is a good medium for cuttings and seeds.
Can be used as medium to hydro system, or transplant directly into soil or cocos.
Can also grow in rockwool all the way.
Since rockwool has a high pH value, it is important to soak them in PH balanced water.

Recommended PH is anywhere between 5.3 – 5.5

Let the pH be balanced by standing for 30-60 minutes, then check the PH value and adjust accordingly.

*OBS* Highly recommended to first add PH- in a bottle of water to dilute it, then add from that solution to the container.

Another way to keep an stable PH is to let them stand in PH value 4.0-4.5 for 24 hours.
The rockwool cubes will raise the PH value, if it would be to low simply just add some plain water.

Cube size:
Width: 35mm
Depth: 35mm
Height: 40mm

Fits the starting cube:

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