Gold Label, Ultra PK

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Boost your plants with Gold Label Ultra PK and get higher densier yields!

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Gold Label Ultra PK is an additive that contains Phosphorus and Potassium that will increase the flowering and yields of your crop. With the special Super FK Formula your plants can take up the nutrients without lack of calcium and magnesium which usually happens when you add the PK. This booster also has a formula that will enable your plants to take up all the nutrients despite changes in the pH.

* You can use Gold Label Ultra PK as a supplement throughout the whole flowering cycle
* Contains Phosphorus and Potassium
* Contains the Super FK Formula so your plants does not lose their calcium and magnesium
* Contains a formula that enables your plants to take up nutrition despite changes in pH
* Keep out of reach for children
* Keep away from frost and direct light
* Storage between 5-30°C
* Dosage in the veg. phase 0,25-0,5ml/L water

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