Gold Label, Vegetative Booster N

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Give your plants the Nitrogen they need to grow strong and healthy with Gold Label Vegetative Booster N!

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This highly concentrated vegetative booster from Gold Label is perfect to add in the vegetative phase. It contains multiple forms of Nitrogen that is crucial in the growing phase and also highly chelated Calcium to help provide the cell structure and stability of the plants. It gives your plants more energy to build themselves strong and healthy fast.

* You can use Gold Label Vegetative Booster N as a supplement throughout the whole growth cycle
* Contains the Nitrogen that your plants need in the vegetative phase
* Speeds up the growth
* Contains multiple forms of nitrogen and highly chelated calcium
* Keep out of reach for children
* Keep away from frost and direct light
* Storage between 5-30°C
* Dosage in the veg. phase 0,25-0,5ml/L water

Read more about Gold Label Vegetative Booster N here

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