Gold Label, Ultra Roots

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Boost the roots of your plants with Gold Label Ultra Roots!

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Gold Label Ultra Roots is a root booster that makes it easier for your plants to build strong and healthy roots which are the foundation for a strong and healthy plant. It contains micro and macro elements, humic acids, amino acids and biologically derived kelp extracts. The kelp extract that Gold Label uses contains trace elements and naturally occurring plant-promoting hormones that will speed up the root growth. Gold Label Ultra Roots will give your plants an excellent start in life to build a strong foundation so that later it can produce amazing flowers and high yields.

* You can use Gold Label Ultra Roots throughout the vegetative phase
* Helps strengthen the roots of your plants to make them healthy
* Speeds up the root growth
* Keep out of reach for children
* Keep away from frost and direct light
* Storage between 5-30°C
* Dosage in the veg. phase 0,25ml/L water and in the flow. phase 0,5-1ml/L water

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Gold Label

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