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Do you need to decrease your pH-value for your plants? Try Gold Label Ultra pH- that won’t hurt your plants in the process!

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Gold Label Ultra pH- is perfect when you want to lower the pH value so that your plants can take up the nutrients they need. It will take the pH value down without hurting your plants, there will not be any toxicities. It will reduce the phosphoric acid to phosphorus, the nitric acid to nitrogen and sulphuric acid to sulfur. You can use Gold Label Ultra pH- with any base nutrient and additives, it will not ruin your nutrient schedule.

* Takes down your pH value without harming your plants
* Takes down your pH value without disturbing your nutrient schedule
* Keep out of reach for children
* Handle with care, keep away from frost and direct light
* Storage between 5-30°C
* Always add Gold Label Ultra pH- to water and never the other way around
* Always add your other nutrients first and then add the pH- in small doses until you reach your desired value

Read more about Gold Label Ultra pH- here

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