Gold Label, HydroCoco A&B

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Need a base nutrinet for both hydro and coco? Try Gold Labels HydroCoco A&B!

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Gold Label HydroCoco A&B is a professional 2-part base nutrient for growing in coco, pebbles or other inert mediums. It contains all nutrients your plant needs during the whole growing cycle, from the vegetative phase and throughout the flowering phase. It is easy to use and can be used in all systems or by watering by hand, how you prefer. The special chelating technique helps your plants to take up the nutrients easier regardless of some shifts in the pH.

* Is a 2-part nutrient A&B that comes in two bottles
* Contains all the nutrients your plants need to grow strong durant the whole growth and flowering phase
* You can use HydroCoco A&B in all systems or water with the nutrient solution per hand, as you like it best
* Special chelating technique that helps your plants take up the nutrient easier
* Keep out of reach for children
* Storage between 5-35°C
* When you mix the nutrients never mix only A and B together, mix them always in the water
* Dosage in the veg. phase 0,5-1ml/L water, in the flow. phase 1-2ml/L water

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