Gold Label Coco 70%/Perlite30% Supercharge 45L

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This medium is perfect for those who want to grow in an ebb and flow system or dripper system eg.

This blend is of the highest quality, with the purest coconut on the market. The perlite is 3-6mm and allows the medium to remain airy for your plants to thrive.

Coco / Perlite contains basic nutrients that your plants like, such as calcium, and it has guaranteed low salts and low heavy metal levels for your plants to get the best quality.

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All of the benefits of coco with improved drainage and increased oxygenation for better root development.

Complete control
Coco substrates give you ultimate control over your plant’s nutritional development. Gold Label’s 70/30 mix uses this solid coco foundation and enhances it with better water to air ratio. Enhanced root development and less chance of overwatering make this media the perfect choice for hand watering.

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