Gavita PRO EL DE Flex 400V HPS Bulb 6/750W


Check out this high quality HPS bulb from Gavita!

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Gavita PRO 6/750W DE 400V HPS Lamp is double ended and is perfect when you need to change your HPS bulb for your 750e 400V Gavita PRO Light. This HPS lamp is of highest quality and together with the fixture it gives so much light to your plants.

It has an outer glass of clear quartz glass to maximize the light output. It has a Voltage of 400V and it also has a dimmable function so you can run it from 400W until 825W depending on just what type of strength you need for your crop.

Gavita PRO 6/750W DE 400V gives your plants a huge amount of PAR light, 1500 µmol and has an amazing 5,000 hours of burning time.

You can read more about Gavita PRO 6/750W DE HPS bulb here

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