Gavita Pro 1000e DE Fixture


Give your plants quality light with this complete fixture from Gavita!

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The Gavita Pro 1000e DE Complete fixture is perfect for you who want a high quality, ready-to-go fixture with high output of light for your plants. With this complete fixture you get everything ready, you just need to hang it up. It comes with a reflector, ballast and bulb all put together in a solid quality fixture. It has a double ended Gavita 1000W HPS bulb (2100 µmol) that we recommend to change every year for optimal function and light outcome.

You can easily connect this fixture to the Gavita Master Controllers and have complete control over your lighting and climate in your grow space, so you can get the results you´re dreaming of. With the controllers you can dimmer or higher the light automatically and a lot more. Gavita Pro 1000e has a range between 600W-1150W and runs on 240V, it´s CE certified, and it reaches an area of at ca 110x180cm with an µmol at 1000 for your plants.

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