Dutch Passion Think Fast Feminized

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Think Fast by Dutch Passion is a unique fast-flowering hybrid, combining photoperiod and autoflower genetics for a quick-growing, easy-to-cultivate strain. With vigorous growth, complex terpene profiles, and a powerful, uplifting high, it’s perfect for all growers, from beginners to experts.

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Embark on a fast-growing journey with Dutch Passion’s Think Fast, a remarkable hybrid that merges the autoflower genetics of Auto Think Different with the legendary Power Plant. This combination delivers a balanced photoperiod strain known for its rapid growth and generous yields, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Think Fast has a complex terpene profile, offering a wide range of scents and flavors, mainly dominated by citrus with hints of diesel, herbs, and pine. Some phenotypes even provide a sweet and fruity essence, perfect for collectors in search of something special. In addition to its appealing aroma, Think Fast boasts robust and resilient growth, making it an ideal choice for outdoor cultivation in moderate climates. Its medium stretch and short-to-medium internode distance create sturdy plants that can withstand fluctuations in temperature. This strain can grow to be 2-3 meters tall, making it versatile and resilient in various growing conditions.

Think Fast combines the power and robustness of an autoflower with the yield and potency of a photoperiod strain, resulting in a fast flowering Sativa-dominant hybrid. With a quick flowering time of approximately 8 weeks, Think Fast offers an invigorating high that blends mental clarity with physical relaxation, making it a perfect choice for both recreational and medical users. When it comes to yields, this strain excels, producing around 500g/m² indoors, with even higher yields possible for experienced growers. Outdoors, Think Fast thrives in moderate climates, with harvests typically in October. With strong and fast-growing genetics, it’s well-suited for outdoor cultivation, particularly when pre-grown indoors. For those in temperate climates, this strain is a go-to choice, delivering both speed and potency in one attractive package.

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