Dutch Passion Outlaw Amnesia Feminized


3 seeds package.

Outlaw Amnesia, a superb Amnesia Haze-dominant Sativa, caters to beginners and connoisseurs. Boasting around 20% THC and an 80/20 sativa/indica ratio, it’s a fusion of Super Haze and a unique Amnesia clone. This strain delivers a potent, fast, uplifting high with classic Hazy flavors.

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Outlaw Amnesia stands as a prime example of an old-school, high-quality Sativa with a predominant Amnesia Haze heritage. This strain, containing roughly 20% THC and characterized by an 80% sativa to 20% indica ratio, arises from the crossbreeding of Super Haze with a distinct Amnesia clone. Outlaw Amnesia’s effects are swift and powerful, ushering in an uplifting, sativa-driven high complemented by strong Haze undertones. The taste profile is reminiscent of classic Haze strains, offering a fresh, sour, and robust flavor.

Outlaw Amnesia is versatile in various grow mediums, but it truly shines in hydro setups, potentially yielding up to 500g/m2, classifying it as a high-yield cultivar. Though it’s possible to harvest as early as 9 weeks, the best results in terms of flavor, yield, and high come from allowing this strain to flourish for a full 12-week flowering period. With an exceptional propensity for stretching during bloom, this variety adapts well to the SCROG method, making it an enticing choice for growers looking for an elevated production strain.

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