Dutch Passion Hollands Hope Feminized

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Hollands Hope, a classic cup-winning outdoor strain, thrives in changeable climates with wet and cold late summers. With a powerful “old-school” aroma and a speedy outdoor growth that allows harvest before autumn’s inclement weather, it’s a robust and potent Indica. Its compact, sturdy branches yield dense, large buds, and it’s highly suitable for guerrilla growing.

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Hollands Hope, an iconic strain, has earned a place of honor among outdoor growers for its resilience and robust nature. A true classic, this strain won 1st prize at the Copa Del Mar in Argentina in 2013. It possesses a distinctive “old-school” aroma, with fresh and fruity notes complemented by hints of pine and wood. The scent is pungent and unmistakable, making it a favorite among growers who value classic cannabis tastes.

Hollands Hope shines outdoors, offering XL yields of large and sturdy flowers that usually reach 30-50cm in length. The strain’s classic Christmas tree structure boasts robust branches and full buds. Its growth pattern makes it perfect for guerrilla growing, and it’s suitable for forests, fields, or mountainous environments. Resilient to bad weather and fungal diseases, Hollands Hope is a low-maintenance cannabis plant ideal for those looking to cultivate in varying climates. It’s an Indica-dominant strain that can withstand the temperate Dutch climate and adapts well to northern regions, providing XL harvests of potent buds. With a flowering time of 8 weeks and an additional 3-4 weeks of recommended vegetative growth, this strain is usually ready for harvest in approximately 12 weeks from seed to harvest. It yields between 100g and 1000g, depending on the growing conditions, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a true old-school classic with potent effects.

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