Dutch Passion Freddy´s Best Feminized


5 seeds package.

Freddy’s Best, a legacy of master grower Freddy, offers impeccable sativa-dominant highs with THC levels around 15-20%. Novice growers can cultivate this strain indoors and outdoors, enjoying medium-sized yields of crystal-covered nugs after just 8.5 weeks of flowering.

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Freddy’s Best, a strain rooted in the legendary legacy of master grower Freddy, is a sativa-dominant powerhouse designed to eliminate negativity and usher in euphoria. Comprising 95% sativa and 5% indica, this strain is a beacon of energetic highs that can fuel any activity. It boasts a genetic lineage that weaves together strains like Chocolope, Dutch Haze, and various sativa Haze genetics, resulting in a complex, roller-coaster high. With THC levels ranging from 15% to 20%, Freddy’s Best is a potent choice that should be approached with caution by novice tokers.

In terms of cultivation, Freddy’s Best shines as an accessible and rewarding option. Both indoor and outdoor growers can anticipate medium-sized yields of crystal-covered nugs, provided they exercise proper care. After a relatively brief 8.5 weeks of flowering, the time for harvest arrives, further emphasizing its grower-friendly nature. Freddy’s Best is generous not just in effects but also in potential yields, especially in the hands of seasoned growers. However, growers should be mindful of humidity levels, particularly in the later stages of flowering, to stave off any mold-related issues. Freddy’s Best isn’t just another strain; it’s the continuation of a passionate grower’s legacy.



Dutch Passion

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