Dutch Passion Durban Poison Feminized


3 seeds package of Desfrán, Durban Poison feminized seeds are a classic, easy-to-grow strain with tough genetics. Its dense Sativa buds carry a unique terpene profile, featuring spicy and hazy flavors with hints of aniseed, lemon, and cloves. An excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Durban Poison offers high yields and provides a strong, uplifting, and energizing Sativa effect. A well-known favorite in the cannabis world.

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Durban Poison feminized seeds, a classic and easy-to-grow variety with tough genetics, offer unique Sativa buds that boast an exceptional terpene profile. These buds have a distinctive spicy and hazy flavor with subtle hints of aniseed, lemon, and cloves. Durban Poison is highly versatile, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and it thrives in various conditions. Known for its resilience, this strain originally hails from South Africa and has been adapted for Northern European climates, displaying impressive vigor. Durban Poison provides a potent, uplifting, and energizing Sativa effect, making it an all-time favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

This old-school favorite, Durban Poison, is celebrated for its robust and easy-to-manage genetics. Its dense Sativa buds offer a truly one-of-a-kind terpene profile, characterized by an intriguing blend of spicy, hazy flavors complemented by subtle notes of aniseed, lemon, and cloves. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cultivation, Durban Poison is a reliable choice, displaying resilience even in extreme latitudes. Originating from South Africa, it has been meticulously adapted to flourish in the challenging Northern European climate. Durban Poison is a true cornerstone strain and a must-try for its incredible growth potential and invigorating Sativa effects.



Dutch Passion

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