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Measure the moisture in your soil easily with this Soil Moisture Meter from Comboinstruments!

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The Comboinstruments soil Moisture Meter indicates three levels of soil moisture. It is easy to use; you must press and hold the button for 2 seconds. The test stick will flash 3 times when green and the automatic detection mode is turned on.

You can monitor irrigation levels immediately.
AAA battery included
Length: 171mm

Please read the following instructions carefully before use:

After inserting the meter into the soil, make sure the soil is compacted around the test rod. Loose soil may cause false “dry” prompts. For most indoor plants, when inserting the test rod into the soil, the depth of the test rod is at the deep of 4-5cm.

Temperature prompt mode: Humidity is damp in automatic mode

When the soil is wet, the sensor will flash green light once every 2 hours; when the soil humidity is moderate, it will flash an orange light once every 6 seconds; when the soil is very dry, the indicator light will flash red light once every 6 seconds, reminding you to water it immediately. Water until the water returns to normal, the red light stops flashing, and the green light cycle flashes every 2 hours.




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