Comboinstruments, pH Calibration Powder 4.01 + 6.86 for 250ml


Calibrate your Meters from Comboinstruments with these calibrator powders!

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The pH Calibration Powder 4.01 + 6.86 is an ideal solution to calibrate your Comboinstruments or other electronic pH meters.


Buffer pH 4.01 + 6.86.

Tolerance range ± 0.01 pH.

No color, no contamination of the electrode.

Prepare the solution in a glass or inert plastic container.

Shelf life after reconstitution: 1 month.

Store in a cool place away from sunlight.

Economical, reusable, 250 ml buffer capacity.

On the back of the sachet is a table for correcting the buffer value depending on the temperature.




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