Comboinstruments, Digital pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter C500


Have fast and accurate measurements with Comboinstruments, Digital pH/EC/TDS/Temp Meter C500!

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The Comboinstruments Digital pH/EC/Temp C500 gives you more precision. This tool will allow you to have fast and accurate measurements. It is easy to replace the measuring electrode in case of damage. Thanks to the buttons, the meter is easy to use and allows a quick change of parameters.


Range: pH: 0.01 – 14.00 pH EC: 1 – 19999 uS/cm
Accuracy (25ºC / 77ºF)
Temperature: 0ºC – 60.0ºC / 32.0 – 140.0ºF
pH: 0.1 pH EC: 0.1 uS/cm
Calibration: pH: 7.0 pH pH: 4.0 pH
Resolution: pH: 0.1 pH EC: 0.1 uS/cm
Accuracy Temperature: + – 0.1 ºC
Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes after use and inactivity.
Room temperature use: 0 – 60.0 ºC (32.0 – 140.0 ºF); RH100%
Dimensions: 183 x 37 x 37mm (7.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches)
Weight: 90 grams (3.2 oz)




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