Comboinstruments, Digital pH/EC/TDS/S.G/ppt/Temp Meter C600 WiFi


With this combo meter from Comboinstruments you can measure EC, pH, TDS, salinity, density, and the temperature of liquids!

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The Comboinstruments Digital pH/EC/TDS/S.G/ppt/Temp Meter C600 WiFi can be used to measure EC, pH, TDS, salinity, density, and temperature of liquids. It simultaneously can show the pH value on one display. It is ideal for hydroponic systems and water measurement in your water tank.

The meter is equipped with two electrodes (one for pH, one for EC, TDS, salinity, and water density), one probe with a temperature sensor, and an AC adapter. The device has a built-in WiFi module that can connect to a mobile phone based on IOS or Android systems, the data will be transmitted via WiFi to the phone, where it can be collected and saved.

Measurement range
pH: 0.00~14.00pH
TEMP: 0-50.0°C; 32.0-122.0℉
TDS:0~19990ppm (0~199ppt)
EC:0~19000uS/cm, (0~199mS/cm)
S.G. 0.990-1.400
pH: ±0.03pH
TEMP: ±1℃
130 x 77 x 31mm, 180g




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