Canna Mono N 17% Nitrogen 1L

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Canna Mono N 17% Nitrogen stimulates the growth of your plants.
Nitrogen is an important part of the protein production and energy uptake of plants, it helps the plant keep on developing.
Can be used to aid nitrogen deficiency or as complementing nutrient to stimulate growth.

Volume: 1L

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Nitrogen plays an important role in protein synthesis and energy metabolism, influencing the development factors of the plant significantly.

It can be used for nitrogen deficiency and as an additive for growth promotion.
Nitrogen is also responsible for promoting the production of secondary metabolites and the increase the resistance of the plant is indispensable.

The liquid is immediately assimilated by the plant and promote their vegetative growth.

This fertilizer contains 17% N.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for the plant, nitrogen has a major role in of protein synthesis and in energy metabolism and is therefore essential for the development of the plant. He also has an effect on chlorophyll, DNA, and secondary metabolites. In addition, it increases the resistance.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer is immediately absorbed by the plant and promote vegetative growth.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer can be mixed with most fertilizers, with the exception of concentrated sulfate-containing fertilizers.

– Nitrogen fertilizer; inter alia to be used in nitrogen deficiency (even during the reproductive stage).
– As a supplement to stimulate growth.

Supply: by means of the nutrient solution or by watering the leaves (1 ml / l).

Dosage: 1-2 ml to 1 liter of water.

Warning: a good fertilizer contains all the necessary nutrients in right proportion. Be careful when dosing, overdosing can be harmful to plant!



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