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Bluelab pH Controller Connect is a mechanism that monitors every moment the pH value of your irrigation water. In addition, it will adjust the pH level of your solutions if it is not adequate without any intervention. It is made of high-quality components, providing good performance and durability. This controller saves the data on the pH levels of the hydroponics nutrient solution.

The pH level can make the difference between a good harvest and a bad one; that’s why it is vital to keep these parameters controlled, but measuring and adjusting can be time-consuming. This pH controller will do it for you. It also sends data on the evolution of the tank’s pH in continuous and in real-time at your fingertips, putting all the information in your hands to obtain an optimal crop. You can also change the settings from your PC and adjust the direction of pH increase (alkali) or pH decrease (acid). It also has a temperature probe that guarantees that all pH measurements and doses will be automatically compensated for temperature.

Note: The Bluelab Controller pH connected requires the Stick Bluelab USB connector (sold separately).


Logging storage of local data and Cloud (download the software free Bluelab Connect online).
Adjustment of control settings from a local PC via the Bluelab Connect Software.
Option to view data and current status remotely via Google Docs.
Control and automatic monitoring of the pH of the system with reservoirs up to 200 US gal / 760 L
Backlit LCD green plant with adjustable brightness.
Large screens and easy-to-read.
Menu easy to navigate to program and adjust the settings
Calibration push-button simple with an on-screen guide
Blinking alarm high/low with locking control
Locks assay to guard against overdose
Automatic restart of the dosing on restart after power loss
Design of wall mount water resistant
A tube dosing resistant to acids / alkaline of 13 feet (4 meters) provided
Use with Bluelab pH (undiluted) to the top or to the bottom
International power supply
PH probe dual-link replaceable
Temperature probe Bluelab separate (for pH ATC)
Peristaltic pump, replaceable tubes
Flow rate: 10ml/min



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