Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is a constant indicator of the desired pH level, conductivity, and temperature levels of your nutrient solution, to use indoors. This monitor records all these critical parameters on your computer, so you will have access to the data via the cloud from a remote mobile device or computer to check for extreme variations and ensure these critical parameters are hitting the crop success mark. To set, you have to set low and high alarm states that in case it is moved from the ideal range, the display will flash. A quick look at the monitor will let you know when your nutrient solution needs adjusting.

It only works with a Bluelab Connect Stick to receive wireless data from one or more Guardian Monitor connections. For remote or cloud access, the computer you are already logging data to will need permanent internet access. It provides 24-hour continuous reading. Optimizing these critical parameters through the growing phase helps ensure a successful crop.

Plant-safe green LEDs
Large easy to read displays
No calibration is required for conductivity and temperature
Simple push button pH calibration
Selectable values for conductivity and temperature
Flashing high and low alarms
Greater tolerance to RF / electronic interference provided
Water-resistant design
International power supply included
Replaceable double junction pH probe included
Adjustable display brightness
Non-volatile memory (setting retained when power lost



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