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The Bluelab EC Pen is a professional portable meter that indicates the amount of nutrients in your solution with built-in temperature compensation in ºC or ºF. The meter lets you know if some adjustments in your solution are needed, giving you the option to put it in a hold function so you can store the reading to show it when you have removed the pen from the solution. The Bluelab EC Pen accurately measures the solution and shows steps of 0.1 on the backlit LCD screen with Ec from 0.0 to 10.0. The level of nutrients in the irrigation water is very important to control; it is the only way to take the harvest to the maximum level. It measures temperature and root health, which is vital to the crop’s success. It is important to change the reservoir solution every 7 days.

Selectable units for °C & °F.
Backlit LCD display.
Double junction probe (not replaceable).
Successful EC calibration indicator.
Hold function.
Low battery warning.
Fully waterproof.
Auto-off function.
All calibration fluid is included.



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