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The BlueLab Combo Meter Ec/Ph is a portable meter that measures pH, conductivity, and temperature all in one. This meter helps you to avoid problems of yellow leaves due to low pH or the dreaded growth retardation of crop plants. You will have control of your irrigation and solution, and its accurate measures will make it easier to adjust the nutrient in the irrigation solution. Knowing in depth the needs and the state of your plant and taking care of all the details of your crop, achieving the best performance.With measurements that the Combo Meter Plus allows you to carry out, you will be able to know in depth the needs and the status of your plant. The probe can be used directly on the roots or on the fertilizer solution in any growing medium.

Lightweight and portable.
Measures pH, Ec (conductivity) and temperature.
Four display options for nutrients – EC, CF, ppm
500 and ppm 700.
Two display options for temperature (° C or ° F).
No calibration is required for conductivity or
Simple two- or three-point pushbutton calibration.
Clear pH calibration indicators.
Temperature with a push of a button.
Simple pushbutton pH calibration.
Automatic shut-off function.
Large easy-to-read display.
Quality interchangeable Bluelab pH Probe supplied.
Quality Bluelab Conductivity / Temperature Probe
Quality Bluelab calibration solutions are delivered.
Low battery indicator.
2x AAA alkaline batteries are supplied.
Over and under interval indicators.

How to calibrate the meter:

* The guarantee for all our PH meters only applies if you use electrode cleaning fluid and storage fluid for PH electrodes.



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