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What is Worm·Humus?
Worm humus, also known as vermicast, is the final product of decomposed material excreted by the king of the soil ? the earthworm.

This high quality organic compost is made from 100% pure, organic worm castings that have been stringently lab-tested to ensure they don?t contain any farmyard waste, landfill waste or compost.

Packed with water-soluble nutrients and bacteria, our Worm·Humus? is a very nutritious organic fertilizer and excellent all-round soil improver.

Quality you can trust
The earthworms that make our 100% organic humus are kept on a highly controlled and nutritious diet of rock minerals and organic potato peelings.

Combine the worm castings they produce with the natural microbes in the ground, and you end up with the best quality worm humus you can buy.

How to use it?
Worm·Humus is perfect for refreshing All·Mix, adding to substrate mixtures already in use, or preparing the garden subsoil.

The ideal proportions to aim for are a blend of 10 ? 15% Worm·Humus to 85 ? 90% substrate.

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