BioBizz, Microbes

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Try this amazing 100% organic alliance of enzymes, microorganisms and beneficial fungi to boost your plants in a supe healthy way, try BIOBIZZ Microbes!

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BIOBIZZ Microbes is a 100% organic complete alliance of enzymes, microorganisms and beneficial fungi that stimulate the initial plant growth and helps the flowering as well. This nutrient pulver will benefit the rhizosphere which creates better absorption of important nutrients and increases harvest. This mix of different natural organic beneficial ingredients is the perfect tool to see amazing results, increasing growth, root development, flowering and harvest.

* Can be used throughout the whole plants cycle
* Microbes is highly concentrated and contains 4 of the most beneficial bacteria that increase the nutritional process, hormone promotion and root growth
* The enzymes in Microbes benefits beneficial substrate microorganisms for a healthy ecosystem
* Trichoderma fungi increase the health and productivity of your plants in an organic way, it protects against harmful pathogens and fungal growth while supporting water retention, root development and nutrient uptake

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