BioBizz Microbes 150g

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Biobizz Microbes is a complete consortium of enzymes, microorganisms and beneficial fungi that stimulate the germination process and the initial plant growth and help the flowering stage. It improves the flow and uptake of important nutrients as well as the final yield.
This microorganism consortium has great benefits for the plant’s rhizosphere, which increases the useful surface area of ??the roots. This leads to a higher and better absorption of phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and micronutrients during all phases of the plant.

Biobizz Microbes is also a super-concentrated product that contains a selection of 4 of the most beneficial bacteria for recycling substrates. The bacteria improve the vegetable nutritional process, hormone promotion and root tissue growth. This leads to an increase in productivity and harvest quality.

The enzymes in Biobizz Microbes have an immediate catalyzing effect of organic nutrients, create free amino acids in the culture medium and increase the activity and effect of the active microorganisms. Enzymes are the perfect complement to the beneficial substrate microorganisms, leading to a healthy and productive ecosystem.

Trichoderma fungi increase the health and productivity of plants in an organic way.
The fungus protects against harmful pathogens and fungal growth while supporting water retention, root development and nutrient uptake.

These elements together in a smooth and easy-to-handle format are the perfect tool for the grower who wants to guarantee an improvement and increase in the end result and quantity.

How to use it?
Biobizz Microbes can be used throughout the plant cycle. The recommendation is that you apply Microbes once a week in a dose between 0.2 and 0.4 g / L. This supplement works well with nutrition from BioBizz.

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