BIOBIZZ, Leaf Coat

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Eco-friendly alternative to protect your plants from pests and unwanted funghis, try BIOBIZZ Leaf Coat!

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BIOBIZZ Leaf Coat is a ready to use natural product that strengthens your plants and also protects them from unwanted insects and harmful leaf fungi. It is made from natural Latex that creates a barrier on the leaves that at the same time allows the passage of air and light. It helps your plants to keep moisture when it gets too hot and also protects them when it gets too cold.

* Can be used in soil, coco and rockwool
* Ready to use, easy to apply and safe
* Lasts up to 2 weeks and is broken down naturally by artificial or natural light
* Eco-friendly alternative to pesticides

Read more about BIOBIZZ Leaf Coat here

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500ml (bottle), 500ml (refill), 1L (refill), 5L (refill), 10L (refill)




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