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Have your plants been through a lot of stress? Help them reach their full potential again 100% organic with BIOBIZZ Alg A Mic!

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BIOBIZZ Alg A Mic is a 100% organic nutrient that contains seaweed that is perfect if your plants have experienced a stressful period. Stress for your plants can be overfeeding, deficiencies, illness or temperature fluctuations. It can be added to any substrate during the flowering and growth period to help restore your plant´s health so they can come back to their full potential again.

* A stress-free plant provides larger fruits and flowers
* Stimulate the absorption of chlorophyll
* The 100% organic seaweed is cold pressed instead of treated with chemicals
* High level of natural nutrition that meets the needs of your plants
* Can be used on any substrate during both the vegetative and blooming phase

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