Alien RDWC Black Series 20L 9 Pots

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The Alien RDWC System comes with new features allowing you to grow top-quality plants indoors effortlessly, combining the ground-breaking technology with the classic deep water culture method provides excellent results, fast vegetation times, and high plant yield.

The RDWC uses the new JET-STREAM™ A.I.R™ pumps it increases the oxygen delivery to the plant’s roots submerged in the nutrient-rich water. They feature a double damping system for noise absorption, and the twin air chambers produce a large quantity of air with intense pressure. The fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts, making system installation and relocation easier.

All RDWC systems now come with factory-fitted chiller fittings on the side of the header, making chiller installation simple.

Key Benefits
Super oxygenated
Reduced veg time
Uniform PH & EC
Plug in and grow
Minimal medium

Key Features
Threaded 32mm fittings
Heavy duty pots
Elevated airlines
Square net pots
Chiller ready

Kit Includes
Net pots
Pot clips
32mm Straights
32mm Elbows
32mm Tees
Pipe cutters

Pipe Included
4mm green
16mm green
19mm black
32mm green

System specification
Minimum footprint:
Length: 1.45m Width: 1.1m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)
Maximum footprint:
Length: 1.7m Width: 1.55m
(with the supplied amount of pipe)
(60cm plant centers)


Alien Hydroponics

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