Alien RAIN PRO Silver Series 15L 18 Pots

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The Alien RAIN System is a revolutionary automated watering system that will optimize your growth potential, replicating the rain and feeding plants. The RAIN™ Brain’, RAIN™ pump, and SPX-Flow® system spray down nutrients into your media. The air and nutrients oxygenate the plants, flushing away salts and giving fresh to the plants. With quicker root development, the plant’s vegetative time can be reduced, and a bumper harvest.

The system can be used in any medium of your choice. The RAIN™️ lid shades the top of the medium, masking light penetration and therefore preventing the formation of algae. The medium dries evenly and efficiently, which enables the root zones to take advantage of all the medium, right up to the surface. The RAIN System has ingeniously designed lids that keep light out from your medium – preventing any algae issues.

Key Benefits
Mimics rain
Heat-Reflective silver polymer
Even delivery of nutrient solution
Flushes residual salts away
Supports any growing medium
Uses water and nutrients efficiently
Eliminates top surface algae
Allows medium to dry evenly
Quiet operation

Key Features
Integrated filtration
RAIN™ Brain
Drainage bases
Copper drain covers
CAMO® Pots
Recirculate or RTW
Dual-Flow™️ fittings
50mm silver pipe

Kit Includes
RAIN™ Lids
Lid covers
Filtration header
RAIN™ Brain
Power cord
12v adaptor
Pot clips
Lid clips
Drain covers *Copper plated
Dual-Flow™ fittings
Valve taps
Siphon valves
Stainless 304 hose clips
Pipe cutters
CAMO® Pots

Pipe Included
* Supplied in 1 meter lengths
4mm green
16mm silver
19mm black
19mm blue
25mm blue
50mm silver *

System specification
Minimum footprint:
Length: 2.6m Width: 1.15m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)
Maximum footprint:
Length: 3.9m Width: 1.6m
(with the supplied amount of pipe)
(60cm plant centers)

Plant centres: 50-60cm


Alien Hydroponics

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