Alien AEREO PRO Silver Series 15L 21 Pots

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The ALIEN® AERO™ system utilizes the air culture technique allowing more control of the environment over the root zone. A powerful but quiet water pump Micro sprinklers are located on the underside of each lid. You can adjust the time and frequency of feeding to meet the specific needs of each plant species. The plants are suspended in the air, and roots aren’t trapped in any medium; harvesting and crop rotation are very simple. The extra oxygen they are exposed to results in faster growth. Aeroponic systems are also highly water-efficient. These closed-loop systems can use 95% less water than plants grown in soil.

Key Benefits
Heat-Reflective silver polymer
Air culture technique
Maximum oxygen uptake
Rootzone Control
No waste medium
Control feed schedule
Water efficient
Run to waste option
Quiet operation

Key Features
Integrated filtration
RAIN™ Brain
Drainage bases
Copper drain covers
Threaded fittings
Square net pots
Dual-Flow™️ fittings
50mm silver pipe
Recirculate or RTW

Kit Includes
Net pots
Filtration header
RAIN™ Brain
Power cord
12v adaptor
Pot clips
Micro sprinklers
Drain covers *Copper plated
Dual-Flow™ fittings
Valve taps
Siphon valves
Stainless 304 hose clips
Pipe cutters

Pipe Included
* Supplied in 1 meter lengths
4mm pink
16mm silver
25mm blue
50mm silver *

System specification
Minimum footprint:
Length: 3.6m Width: 2.3m
(Pots as close as possible)
(without tank)
Maximum footprint:
Length: 5.7m Width: 3.3m
(with the supplied amount of pipe)
(60cm plant centers)

Plant centres: 50-60cm


Alien Hydroponics

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