Advanced Nutrients, True Organics, Nirvana

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Let your plants reach their full potential when they are flowering, try 100% organic Nirvana from Advanced Nutrients!

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This is a 100% organic flower booster that you can use in the middle/end of the flowering phase to strengthen your plants so they can hold the bigger flowers and fruits that this booster will also give you. It has years of research and will naturally provide explosive yields

* to be used in the flowering phase
* contains fractionated alfalfa extract that increases the plants’ photosynthetic ability
* contains kelp and a robust range of multivitamins, also from the alfalfa which will help your plants to their peak performance
* contains sulfur and potassium that both have crucial functions in your plants life

Read more about Advanced Nutrients True Organics Nirvana here

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Advanced Nutrients

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