Advanced Nutrients, Sensi Grow Coco A/B

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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Coco A/B is a perfect base nutrient for growing in Coco, this one is for the growth period!

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This new coco coir formula still has a lot in common with the original Sensi, it has however been optimized specifically for Coco Coir growers. The coco coir medium naturally attracts and binds to calcium and magnesium. This means your average nutrients will have a greater percentage of their Ca and Mg bound to the growing medium and not transported to your plants, potentially starving your precious crops.

* Helps avoid any possibility of potassium toxicity
* Contains the powerful ingredients that make it a proven grower’s favorite
* This nutrient is for growth phase
* For the bloom phase with coco as medium, use Sensi Bloom Coco

Read more about Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow Coco A/B here

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Advanced Nutrients


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