Advanced Nutrients, Bud Candy

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Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients will give the plants the carbohydrates your plants need to bear and produce large, good tasting flowers and fruits!

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Bud Candy’s main purpose is to give the plant extra energy in form of carbohydrates. It also affects the taste of the end product and also benefits the quantity and potency of the harvest.

When your plant is during the peak of the bloom phase and you push it with more light, nutrients, etc., the need for carbohydrates is bigger than what the plant manage to produce itself.

How big the need for carbohydrates is depends on how the plants environment in general is.
If you have fungus and other beneficial bacteria in the root zone you always need to add extra carbohydrates to maximize your plant.

Bud Candy also contains amino acids that play a big role in the plants development.

The potency, quantity, taste and smell will increase.

If you want an even sweeter and better taste you can add extra vitamin B and C.

* Larger flowers
* More taste
* More aroma
* More resins
* Stronger roots
* Faster floral maturation
* Stronger plant immune systems

Read more about Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy here

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Advanced Nutrients

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