Advanced Nutrients, Big Bud Coco

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This Bloom Booster from Advanced Nutrients is made specially for growing in Coco!

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Give your grow a chance to become the best that it can be by adding this effective bloom booster.

It is a very potent product that makes your flowers/fruits bigger and more dense.

Big Bud Coco contains L-amino acids, phosphorus and some potassium, which is exactly what your plants need to thrive. The difference between this Big Bud and the regular one is that this is specially made for growing in Coco and has less potassium(since coco has already naturally occuring potassium) and extra calcium and magnesium as you need when growing in coco coir, but also extra iron.

* Larger, denser flowers/fruits
* More essential oils
* More aromatics and better taste

Read more about Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco here

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Advanced Nutrients

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